Saturday, July 2, 2011


will either be really awesome, or really, really painful.  We're getting up at out at 9 to drive into Cherokee to let the kids (and some of the kids at HEART) do the requisite gold/gem mining. Then we head back into GSMNP for a picnic lunch. We'll drive through to Pigeon Forge, where we're having a "birthday party" for Cam at Wonderworks. We'll be gone all day, and will have to make the ascent up the driveway IN THE DARK.

We had a blast in the park yesterday but couldn't blog on the spot as we only have a cell signal at the bottom or the top of the mountains...there's nada in between. Taking lots of pics, too, but I'm too tired to get my camera bag out and hook it up to the computer this morning.  We had a busy day yesterday and I was restless in bed last night. Also, Buddha woke up a few times with a croup-y sounding cough, so I woke up long enough to worry for him a bit each time.

I'm sitting on the screened-in porch outside the dining area typing this.  The sun hasn't come up high enough to touch the tops of the trees yet, much less to reach the cabin. I'm showered, dressed, and am most of the way through a dissappointingly small cup of coffee.  Someone upstairs has showered, but I don't know money is on Teresa. I'm listening to the morning birds and the morning cows just down the mountain from us. Relaxing, right? Aaaah, vacation!

I'm gonna get a refill in my tiny coffee cup and will start sending pics I took on my phone yesterday to play catch-up. Enjoy your Saturday!

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Dawn Contemplates Life said...

Sounds like a fun day. As for the going up the mountain in the dark, you'll be fine. Just know if you don't make it up, the clowns will be waiting.

*ducks and runs* Help! Val!