Monday, May 16, 2011

Update...and goats?

We've paid for the cabin and got our welcome packet, and are now contemplating our departure time.  Teresa, Mike, & Lulu are leaving a day or so before to visit Mike's family in TN, so they're good to go.  The P'cola contingent, though, is very much up in the air as to when to leave.  We'd like to arrive in Maggie Valley around 1PM...we know that much. We've complicated matters, of course.  We have to drive through Atlanta to get there, and being the weenie small-city gals that we are, we do NOT want any part of that city during rush hour.  We also love to drive late at night/early in the morning so the kids will be more likely to sleep.

It takes about 6 hours to get from here to ATL, and then about 4 to get to the cabin in NC from there.A total of 10 hours, though thanks to the time change at the AL/GA state line we'll have to add an hour. I started poking around on Roadside America and looking for anything of interest along our route, and then I found this.  I won't lie - I was smitten as soon as I heard the name.  So we have a stop to make along the way. :)

The last departure time thrown out for consideration was 2AM...that would put us through ATL around 9AM and to the goats by 11. Lunch & shopping, then the drive to the cabin, we should get in around 2 or 3. There would be strategic sleeping arrangements made before leaving, but it could happen.  We'll see.  We're debating still.

But goats!!

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