Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Aaaaand there's no van?

As anyone that read this blog knows, the van reservation was made in
September of last year. I do like to plan ahead.

Val & I walked into Hertz @ 8:58am. There was no van in the parking
lot, and I won't lie - I freaked out on the inside thinking maybe I'd
made the reservation for the wrong date or something. Not the case.

The guy helping us realized something was amiss when there were no
minivan keys there. After much "well, it was here last night!" and
"look harder!" and the like, someone asks if it has satellite radio.
Why yes, it did. "well, if that's the case, then Chris probably took
it home last night."

... I will pause here to let you digest that.

So Chris has it, and everyone's embarrassed. They call Chris to find
out he sick...and not planning to come in today.

... I pause again.

So now what? Everyone scrambles around, calling other Hertzs to find a
van. I've been offered a mid-size SUV (HELL no) and a Tahoe so far.
The Tahoe would be nice, but we'd spend twice as much on gas.

3 guys left for the airport to "acquire" a van from them. They'll pay
it back when Chris finally comes in this afternoon. Ollie, the guy
helping us, has been very apologetic & very helpful -I have nothing
but nice things to say about him. It's not his fault his boss did
something really, REALLY dumb & left him here to swing for it.

It's now 9:35 and still we sit. Val had to leave to go to work, so I'm
hanging out waiting. I plan to call Hertz & AAA once I get home to
make sure everyone knows exactly how I feel about the situation.

Not an auspicious beginning, eh?

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Dawn Contemplates Life said...

Chris should've dragged his butt and the van in post haste. Idiot.