Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Halfway to TN!

Well, we're four hours into the first drive of the trip. The plan was to leave at 3, and we were in the car, leaving the driveway at 3:09. Lulu slept some but not much. I drove so far and listened to 3 of the 8 cds of an audio book. We were behind a GA dept of corrections bus as the engine exploded/seriously malfunctioned. I thought it was a church bus at first and felt bad, but then I saw it was a dept of corrections bus and it felt like something from a movie, so I was happy to drive on. We've stopped once for gas, potty breaks, and to let Charlotte walk around some. She's spacing out beside me at present, so I'm hoping she'll sleep some more. Oh, and if the picture shows up, it was an exit for Thompson Road. Wish that was where we were going!

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Anonymous said...

Your "felt like something from a movie" remark made me LLOL. Nothing good ever comes of a prison bus breakdown. --Val--