Wednesday, June 29, 2011


We're here! I know you know that based on the previous post. Still though. We're here. We've had an interesting start to the vacation so far. I had a moment far too embarrassing to share here. I also fell down (first fall of the trip!). The funny part is that I fell down after going to look in a window on the back of the cabin. Val had mentioned it and had specifically said, "I wanted to go look in there, but I knew I'd fall down if I tried." In a burst of tragically misplaced confidence, I went to go look in the window. Mike came with me and even helped me walk back down the hill. But just as I was stepping to the solid, level ground I hit some mud and fell right smack onto my bottom.

Other than that, though I'm pretty sure one of my sisters have mentioned it, the road up to the cabin is pretty much absolutely terrifying. Mike wasn't sure if our car was going to make it (it did). The van? Not so much. Mike went and helped them by driving (us Tucker girls have zero mountain driving experience) while everyone got out of the van and took the luggage out. Mike, Jen, and Mac ventured back out to go to the grocery store for a few things. They said it was less terrifying the second time. Personally? I'm still a bit scared of the next drive (both down and back up).

After all that excitement, we were happy to get the sausages and hot dogs on the grill. Mike was getting everything ready on the grill and called up for some matches. (And I do mean called UP. The cabin is on a hill, so the basement is level with the back ground and the grill is about 10 or so feet lower than that. So the grill has got to be 20-30 feet lower than the main level of the cabin. It makes me a little dizzy to look over the balcony rail.) Anyway, I asked if anyone had some matches. No one had matches. We scoured the place and found nothing. We tried using things in definite off-label ways, such as clamping a straight iron onto a paper bag to try to set it on fire to then light the charcoal (no go) and sticking some dried grass into a space heater (also a no go). My brave husband eventually lit a candle by putting it against the heating element in the oven. Unsafe but it worked! (And dinner was delicious!)

Anyway, that's about all the coherent thoughts I have left. Even though I did sleep a decent amount last night, I'm stupid and slap-happy tired at the moment. Looking forward to tomorrow! (But not looking forward to driving down this mountain!)

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