Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ThackHunt Preview: Pre-Trip Postings

Last year there was the Swagghunt, and to the victors of that went the spoils. This year? There is ThackHunt. Yes, friends, it is ON. We are not posting the ThackHunt list in its' entirety because that would spoil the surprise for participants. But there are THREE items on the list that can be done before the trip begins, so I'm posting those now so that the fearless ThackHunt participants can get in on it early. But first, be reminded of the ThackHunt rules:

ThackHunt Rules:

1.) This scavenger hunt is not a contest between players; rather, it is a contest for the players to complete together. So remember: you are not playing AGAINST your cousin (sister, roommate-in-law, etc), but WITH him/her. YOU MUST WORK TOGETHER. Points will be totaled at the end of the trip and, should the total meet or exceed the winning score, all participating Thackersons will get an AMAZING PRIZE! (Your awesome judges are prohibited from participating)

2.) Unless noted, the judging panel prefers that items be worked on and completed AS A TEAM. Exceptions to this rule will be considered on a case-by-case basis but is not guaranteed.

3.) You must complete one task/item before starting another, lest you clutter up your surroundings with half-completed craft projects. If you don't feel like working on a certain project anymore, either hurry up and finish it (and risk point loss for shoddy work) or else take a break for a while.

4.) Each item is marked with a maximum number of points that can be awarded for its' completion. Complete each task to the best of your ability and your efforts (AS A TEAM!) will be judged (at a date and time TBD). Total points will be calculated and based on these points.

5.) If an argument takes place while a task is being completed, points will be taken away for that task. A member of the judging panel will keep track of this and points will be deducted at judging. Discussion is fine, arguing is not. Should a discussion occur that SOUNDS like an argument, you will be given the benefit of the doubt and one warning will be given. If, after that warning, the discussion continues to sound like an argument, point deduction will occur. This goes for the children, as well as adults, and especially spouses.

6.) Anything you make, unless noted otherwise, will need to be carefully saved for judging purposes (and possibly for other items on the hunt).

7.) You may ask for assistance from an adult, but keep in mind that they have the right to refuse. If you do not fully understand a task, you may ask for and receive clarification, but help is entirely at the whim of the person you are asking.

8.) Some items just require being seen to be checked off and receive points. However, if you are under the age of 18, your sighting MUST be verified by an adult. Checking off 'dog in rear windshield' without having it verified by an adult will result in not only forfeiting the possible points, but also deduction of that amount of points from your total. Sighted items require the initials or signature of the adult who verified it (but not necessarily at that very moment, such as asking the driver to sign off on a ‘falling rock’ sign when she is negotiating her way down a mountain). If you cannot get an adult to verify your sighting, you must wait and hope you see the same item again. If you complain about this occurring, you will lose points. (Thompson participants - those in the ‘Lucky Day’ car - operate on the honor system)

9.) If you disagree with the results of judging, suck it up and deal. Keep calm and find something else to do - points CAN and WILL be deducted for whining.

10.) Props: all props must be mad props. (Shout out to UofC ScavHunt!)

And now for the three pre-trip items on the ThackHunt List:

Items That Can Be Completed BEFORE Departing:

1.) Make a sign for your leg of the Thackerson Expedition. Proclaim its’ awesomeness, point out its’ attributes, do it up right. (2-4 points based on creativity, +2 additional points if you include your vehicle’s expedition name)

2.) Using construction paper, make the most realistic paper bacon strips EVER. Glue those to a sign that says "Honk if you love bacon" and display in your expedition vehicle window. (4 points, 2 bonus points if someone actually honks)

3.) Avast, me hearties, your expedition vehicle can also be a pirate vessel. Pick a pirate name for your vehicle and create your own pirate flag. (6 points)

Pre-trip items will be judged on existence and creativity the day of departure (or, in the case of separate expedition vehicles, the day of arrival)


So there you have it, your ThackHunt sneak peek! We will post the entire list the day of departure, when the ThackHunt goes live.

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